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im a blogger and started working online since 2007. I love working with people and helping them grow their passions into profitable businesses.

Welcome to i am Mike Smith, a blog that has been started to share my knowledge on social media and marketing. For me, I want to help designers and freelancers find a way to use social media to their benefits. Being a blog designer myself, I’ve learned a lot on how to work with social media to benefit my business as well as make awesome connections that have proved useful many times over.

This blog is a growing resource of this knowledge so that you may benefit form the pitfalls I have already been through to ensure that you do not make the same mistakes I have made.



5 ways to benefit from twitter marketing where others fail

Marketing on twitter is a great way to gain attention, recognition and business. However, a lot of people are going about it the wrong way...


50 perfect headlines I want YOU to use

You will find 50 article topic headlines that I want you to use. You can edit them if you’d like in order to make them fit more into your own niche...


The 10 biggest mistakes people make on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool, not only for making connections with a large amount of people, but it is also a great tool to promote yourself, build your brand...

Useful Resources

We all want to be that blog to end all blogging, right? We want to be the main resource for the millions of people searching for blogs about your niche, right? Sometimes though, coming up with that killer flagship content to push your blog forward and get it out there in positive ways can be hard, especially if coming up with creative topics and creative spins on pre-existing topics seems like a foreign language.

So to help combat these issues, I want to take some time to put together a solid list of resources, tips and freebies that you can come back next time when you’re in a pinch and need to craft your next creative headline, sales page or marketing material. I truly hope you enjoy it and if you feel there is anything that should be added to the list, do not hesitate to let me know. I will continue to edit any links I receive that should be added into the list.