We have all struggled with blocks of some kind at some point in our lives. From not being able to design the perfect layout to not being able to write the perfect copy for a client (or ourselves). I know I have suffered from creative blocks and by keeping a moleskin handy with me at all times, I have been able to keep up with my super creative moments and put together a nice list of topics and notes for future creative block moments. But why should I keep them to myself, especially if it’d take me forever to write all of them? Why shouldn’t I give back to the online community who has already given me so much in the short amount of time I’ve been here? So thats what I’m going to do.

Below, you will find 50 article topic headlines that I want you to use. You can edit them if you’d like in order to make them fit more into your own niche, as some of them are pretty niche specific. When you do write a post off one of the headlines here, please leave a comment and let me know so I can add your URL to the list and people can see what you’ve came up with. Should be a fun way to grow a nice little network of readers for each other too.

  1. Client or customer? Why you need to know which you cater to
  2. 25 money saving tips for bloggers
  3. 5 simple steps to increasing your profits online
  4. Small business health insurance resources
  5. Top ten ways to cut corners and fail
  6. Top ten ways to cut corners and succeed
  7. Small business blogging: the ultimate resource list
  8. Getting your business website online at minimal cost
  9. Hollywood trends on a blue collar salary
  10. Quicker house cleaning for single moms
  11. Quicker house cleaning for single dads
  12. Five business myths and the truth behind the lies
  13. Building a solid marketing campaign for under $100.00
  14. How to build your own tribe on twitter
  15. Pay it forward: A simple solution for better business
  16. 15 amazing people in the _____ industry (fill the space with your industry)
  17. Leveraging your social media network without offending anyone
  18. How social media improved my company sales
  19. How social media impacted my personal life
  20. 25 SEO tips that most people won’t talk about
  21. 50 amazing designers on twitter
  22. My MUST READ resource list for every blogger
  23. My MUST READ resource list for ever designer
  24. 10 things Apple is doing wrong
  25. 10 things Apple is doing right
  26. The ultimate list of resources for freelancers
  27. Freelancers beware: Feature creep can kill your business
  28. 100+ resources for creative minds
  29. Leveraging local social media networks
  30. The art of the follow up: What you should (and shouldn’t) do after your initial meeting
  31. How can wordpress MU benefit churches and schools?
  32. 5 applications that need to be developed
  33. 10 reasons why being different can benefit your brand
  34. Fatherly advice I wish I was given as a child
  35. 15 ways to instill the entrepreneurial spirit in our children
  36. 20 ways to accurately use social media for your business
  37. Tips for a better work/life balance
  38. FREE only works when the product is worthwhile
  39. Why a chaotic life can benefit your creativity
  40. Why a chaotic life can damage your creativity
  41. 10 pieces of software I couldn’t live without
  42. If I lived inside a piece of software…
  43. Following trends: the ultimate resource list
  44. Sharing is caring: No longer just a catch phrase
  45. Should your business have a blog?
  46. 10 things we can learn from reality television shows
  47. Which movie star would you be if you could switch roles?
  48. What your habits can say about your business
  49. How I live in 30 hour days and how you can too
  50. Why _____ failed so bad (add a company/product name in the underlined spot)

If you still unsure how to write a perfect headline, here's another list of 55 ways to write a headline that convince the readers to click.

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